Conditioning and packaging of used batteries

Depending on the type of battery, volume and condition, Novolitio can provide the packaging and materials necessary to comply with the current regulations on the transport of hazardous goods.

Collection and transport of waste from lithium batteries

Novolitio has its own extensive national logistics network, which allows us to manage the collection of used batteries throughout the country.

As a waste manager, this service is carried out by means of authorised transport of hazardous waste, in accordance with the specific regulations for the transport of hazardous goods.

Prior to the commissioning of our plant, we started to provide these services throughout the national territory, managing these used batteries by exporting them to a duly authorised European plant.

Second life

We prioritise reuse over recycling at Novolitio. This is why, when they arrive at the plant, we carry out a preliminary battery condition diagnosis to check whether they are suitable for a new, less intensive application. Those that meet the requirements will be delivered to integrators for second life product development, thus extending their useful life.


Novolitio will recycle all types of lithium-based battery chemistries.

To do this, we will have a facility in which we can sort the batteries, and later, after their electrical discharge, we will subject them to a shredding process. After this stage, we will recover all recoverable fractions under safe and environmentally friendly conditions.