Black Mass

Black Mass is a metallic powder with a high content of high value-added metals obtained from mechanically recycled batteries. This material is what enables energy storage and it contains different metal salts depending on the chemistry of the battery.

Before they undergo mechanical treatment, NOVOLITIO will classify the batteries according to their chemical composition, so that the Black Mass obtained is of uniform quality.

This Black Mass is composed, among others, of salts that are more or less rich in nickel and cobalt, as well as lithium. These salts will be duly recovered through specific processes by third-party companies for reintroduction into the market as raw material for the production of new batteries or other products.

Recovered metals

Batteries contain a large amount of metals which, once dismantled, can be recovered through physical and mechanical processes of shredding and sorting. Therefore, we obtain the following fractions:

  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Iron and stainless steel

Cells to manufacture second-life batteries

Those cells that may be suitable for a second life application will be duly analysed and, if favourable, made available to users who require them.