About us

Novolitio is a joint venture formed by Endesa and the Urbaser Group to build and develop the first electric vehicle battery recycling plant in the Iberian Peninsula.

The new facility will be located in the El Bayo Industrial Estate (El Bierzo, León) and will occupy a surface area of 15,000 square metres. The latest technology will be used on an industrial scale thanks to an R&D programme that has enabled improvements to be made to the solutions for the extraction, diagnosis, discharged and recycling of battery components.

The plant will identify batteries that can still have a second life, and the rest will undergo an extraction process to recover 90% of the elements that compose them.

Novolitio will be responsible for managing the collection of electric batteries in Spain and Portugal, storing them and transporting them to Cubillos del Sil, for subsequent treatment at the new facilities, where those batteries that cannot be reused will be electrically discharged, dismantled and subjected to a recycling process. This will allow the recovery of the materials present, such as aluminium, copper and plastics, as well as the “black-mass”, which constitutes the fraction rich in strategic metals, of great value in Europe, such as cobalt and nickel, both of which are essential for the manufacture of batteries. The use of recycled metals significantly reduces the environmental footprint of new batteries by making the production process more sustainable.

It is estimated that the plant will ultimately recycle 25,000 tonnes of batteries per year and will employ more than 50 people.